As part of a strategy of continuous improvement, the achievement of two important certifications has contributed to making IMF an increasingly reliable partner in terms of quality and service.

UNI ISO 9001:2015

UNI ISO 9001:2015

In 2012, IMF obtained certification for its Quality Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 from the certifying body ICIM S.p.

This important result has helped to highlight the effective management of the company's processes, the effectiveness and efficiency in the development of the product as well as the provision of the service, all aimed at obtaining and increasing the level of satisfaction of the end customer. Quality control is carried out systematically by our operators and with the utmost care and attention, both at the raw material incoming stage, throughout the processing cycles and at the packaging and dispatch stages, in accordance with precise technical and quality specifications.

UL certified


In 2013, IMF also obtained the UL 900 product certification, which confirms that the components used in the filter assembly meet safety requirements in the USA and Canada.

The UL mark is a pre-requisite, a universally-recognised symbol of trust that enables IMF to stand out in a competitive, selective market thanks to its commitment to high standards of reliability and safety.